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Development of Ambisonic Microphone Design Tools – Part 1 - (Download Below)

The following standalone applications have been developed as part of my PhD study, these tools are used to simulate and evaluate the response / performance of ambisonic microphone arrays. Windows and Mac downloads are available at the bottom of this page.

This work was presented as an Engineering Brief (#489) at the 145th Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York - (Session EB07 - October 20th 2018).

The paper is available here along with the associated poster.

Ambisonic Array Design Tool
Simulated Polar Response of ACN 8
Ambisonic Array Evaluation Tool
Measured vs Simulated Capsule Polar Response

Mac Downloads

AADT - Mac - Click Here
AAET - Mac - Click Here

Windows Downloads

AADT - Windows - Click Here
AAET - Windows - Click Here


In recent years an increase in the capture and production of ambisonic material has occurred as a result of companies such as YouTube and Facebook utilising ambisonics for spatial audio playback. There is now a greater need for affordable higher order microphone arrays. This work details the development of a set of tools which can be used to simulate and evaluate such microphone arrays, The ‘Ambisonic Array Design Tool’ for simulation and ‘Ambisonic Array Evaluation Tool’ for evaluation. The microphone capsules’ position and directivity can be changed, with the effects on the synthesised spherical harmonics frequency and polar responses observed within the GUI. These scripts written in MatLab have been packaged within a GUI.